Staging Your Home to Sell – It’s all in the Details

“The Devil may be in the details” but when it comes to getting top dollar for your home, “the money is in the details, too”. You may not have the funds to make your home look like something from HGTV before you sell it, but choosing an agent who knows how to work within your budget and offer fast and simple staging tips is essential to a quick and easy sale. Many staging tips are inexpensive or even free.

Staged Home For Sale in Valdosta

Check the lighting

Make sure all of your light fixtures are clean and the light bulbs are updated and sparkling. Adding light to any room can make the space feel more open.


Start with closets and go through each area of your home to remove unnecessary items. A good rule of thumb is to pull out any item you have not worn or used in two years. Although the process can be painful, the end results will be amazing! An added bonus will be the feeling of giving items away and lightening your load.

Deep clean

A little elbow grease can go a long way in preparing your home for the market. Go through your home and look for areas that have been neglected. Door frames and baseboards are common areas, that when cleaned, will bring a sparkle to the buyer’s eye. Having the grout cleaned on old tile makes a huge difference in making the baths and kitchen look fresh. Don’t forget to wipe down cabinet doors and counters too!

When planning to put your home on the market use these first steps to staging. Always call an experienced real estate agent with an eye for detail before investing in other staging ideas such as paint, flooring, or landscape. Every market is different and may or may not require large financial investments. A local, knowledgeable agent should be prepared to advise!