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Hiring A Property Manager

What you need to know.

The Valdosta Rental Market is Hot Right Now…

BUT, Do you like getting a call for help at midnight or just when you sat down for dinner? As property owners ourselves, we sure don’t! That’s right, our rental homes are managed by our property management company! Let’s talk about hiring a property manager.

Why Work With A Property Manager

A great property manager will take care of every facet of your rental. From advertising, to tenant screening, billing, and yes, those pesky maintenance calls.
If you own single-family, multi-family, or commercial properties in Lowndes or surrounding Counties, we are here to help you protect your valuable investment properties.

I Can Manage My Rental Properties On My Own, Right

Yes, you can, but is that the best use of your time? 

While managing a home by yourself may save a little money, it requires a huge time investment and more effort than most realize. All the responsibility will fall on you, from the paperwork to marketing the home, to screening and background checks on the potential tenants. You’ll need to handle tasks like listing the property for rent, taking high-quality photos, writing listing details, creating the right contracts, understanding the laws, scheduling showings, and many other details you may not be aware of. Knowledge of the local rental market is also important to accurately price the home for rent.

You may ask yourself Do I need a Property Manager? For many landlords, especially those who are new to renting their investments, saving money by trying to rent it on your own may not be worth the extra hassle.  Let us tell you what we can bring to the table for you!

Hiring a property manager for your rental home

This Could Be Your Home! 

  • What Are You Waiting For? The Quicker You Call The Faster We Can Get Your Home RENTED!

WHY Mercer Hughes Real Estate Group?

We have over 100 years combined experience with our team of movers & shakers.

Working with a Valdosta REALTOR® and our Property Management Team, you will have the reassurance of using an expert who will know the local rental market and how to price your home to rent.

Meet Our Property Management Team

Property Management in Valdosta Ga

Benefits of Hiring A Property Manager

  • HELPS IN ESTABLISHING COMPETITIVE RENTAL RATES so you are confident your property is performing at top dollar.
  • MARKETS THE PROPERTY to the largest pool of renters with platforms available to property managers.
  • FINDS GOOD QUALIFIED TENANTS using credit and background checks.
  • PREPARES AND MANAGES the documents for the lease to set the tone for the expectations while the tenant is living in the home.
  • DOCUMENTS THE CURRENT PROPERTY CONDITION to limit disputes about the condition of the home at move out.
  • ENSURES THE TENANT ADHERES to the lease which could include the number of people living in the home, pets and the maintenance of the property.
  • HANDLES MAINTENANCE CALLS and coordinates repairs with vetted vendors that are trustworthy. This alone can save hundreds of dollars for the homeowner since typically the vendors give the property managers a better price per hour due to the volume of work they receive.
  • REGULARLY INSPECTS THE PROPERTY. At Mercer Hughes Real Estate Group we believe properties should be inspected more than once a year.
  • COLLECTS RENTS, manages and disperses funds and collects late fees if needed.
  • MANAGES THE EVICTION PROCESS should the tenant fail to pay.
  • HANDLES ALL TENANT COMMUNICATION so the homeowner is never contacted by the tenant.
  • PAYS VENDORS, RECORDS MAINTENANCE ACTIVITES, and prepares monthly and annual statements and documents for tax filing.
  • USES STATE-OF-THE-ART PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE with real-time portals that can be accessed by the owner and the tenants.

Although there is no set fee for hiring a property manager, you can expect to pay between 8 and 10% of the monthly rent collected for the management fees.

Give us a call at Mercer Hughes Real Estate Group and see what we can bring to the table for you and your investments!

We do the heavy lifting for YOU!

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