Mike Lepper Real Estate Agent Valdosta

Mike Lepper

Associate Broker

As a REALTOR® 17 years ago I was sitting at my new desk, in my new office, when the phone rang. The caller wanted information on a property in the downtown historical district.

Although I had an extensive career in sales, today was my first day in Real Estate. I answered many of the caller’s questions and promised to gather the information for him that I couldn’t answer. He asked if we could meet later in the day and of course I agreed!

The caller was an investor building a portfolio of rental properties. He had done his research but had never spoken to a REALTOR®.

He purchased that house and continued his research. In weeks ahead he would call me to meet at his future properties. He was particularly interested in completing his rental portfolio, but he also purchased his mid-century luxury estate for his family through me as well.

As time passed, he would call and ask if I would go by a particular address and “take a look, if you think it’s a property for me, take the contract to my attorney.” My first caller bought several homes having never seen them. That year he bought 23 properties with me and we remain friends to this day.

I’ve been a top producing agent for 17 years in real estate, a
licensed broker for 15 years, as well as a Broker-in-Charge.

I strongly support the REALTOR® organization and have served as a three-term Director in South Carolina.

In 1975 I married the love of my life, Lynn. We have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. I love camping and being outdoors and working in my yard as well as being with family.

Whether your need 23 homes or one, it’s all about A TRADITION OF TRUST.