Kyla Davis property management office assistant and client retention at Mercer Hughes Real Estate Group

Kyla Davis

Property Management Office Assistant & Client Retention

Hello, I am Kyla Davis, the office assistant for the property management team at Mercer Hughes Real Estate Group. Originating from Birmingham, Alabama, I relocated to Valdosta, Georgia, to pursue new beginnings and complete my high school education with the support of my grandmother. Subsequently, I graduated from Valdosta State University with bachelor’s degrees in international business and French.

Entering the real estate domain is a recent endeavor for me, yet it is a field with which I am familiar through my mother’s longstanding career in property management. As a recent graduate, I sought a professional environment where I could establish a foundation building towards a career. Mercer Hughes has provided me with such an opportunity, allowing me to integrate my academic qualifications and familial insights into the real estate industry.